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Range Updates


The Pistol Range / Chicken Coop:

The remodel is complete and those ranges are open to all members and a guest (1).

(7 yards, 10 yards, 50 feet, and 25 yards)


Rifle Ranges:

50 and 100-yard rifle ranges: Are currently open to all members and a guest (1). The rules are the same, any member may use either range and are allowed ONE (1) guest at either range.


200-yard rifle range:

Is open to any member who has taken the and completed the:

Safety Orientation Safety briefing, and

Demonstrated their ability to safely handle their firearm.

Upon completion of these two steps, your membership record will be updatred.

You will need to attend a Membership meeting to obtain a NEW photo ID that will show ou are authorized to use the 200 yard range.

IF the range is open, any member who qualified may use it. If the range is closed, it is CLOSED.

The 200-yard range is for MEMBERS ONLY Guest are NOT authorized to use the 200-yard range.

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