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Required Orientation for New Members


Safety is #1


The Trustees and Officers have invested time in discussing how to address the safety of all members of the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club.

Effectively immediately attending a Safety Orientation is REQUIRED by ALL new members before receiving membership and gate cards.


Safety Orientation for 2020 / 2021  new members will be held at the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club Pavilion.    The Safety Orientation will last approximately four hours. After being notified that you are eligible for membership, you will have the opportunity to select ONE of the Dates listed below if there is more then one class available.


The Membership Coordinator will supply you with your login info.  Once you have it, log in and secure a seat.  This is a first-come/first service setup. 


Once you complete your Safety Orientation your application will be processed and you will receive an invitation to the next membership meeting.  With an approved application, your check or cash will be collected.  then at the membership meeting, you will be voted in and your membership/gate cards will be issued.


 What to aspect at the orientation;


For New Members Only

  1. Paying of dues (in full).   – Cash or Check ONLY.

  2. A $10 Gate Card fee needs to be added to the membership you choose, at least one is mandatory.   If you require more then one Gate card then it additional $10.00 per card 

  3. If you doing a family Membership, all family members must attend the Orientation and complete the Range Safety tour in order to obtain a Member ID card.

  4. Member ID cards and Gate cards will not be provided until the Member meeting after they are voted in. 


A  photo tour and a walkthrough of the club property along with the classroom time

To get to the KFGC Pavilion you will need to drive through the gate the 

Pavilion will be located on the left you may park in the grass and then walk over to the Pavilion where you will check into the class.


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