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Notes from firearm information meeting 7/14/22 with Jerry Giunta
● Firearm means a pistol or revolver, shotgun have 1 or more barrels less than 18” in
length, rifle with one or more barrels less than 16” in length, any weapon made from a
shotgun or rifle whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise if such weapon as
altered, modified, or otherwise has an overall length pof less than 26 inches, or an
assault weapon, or any other weapon that is not otherwise defined in this section
containing any component that provides housing or a structure designed to hold or
integrate any fire control component that is designed to or may readily be converted to
expel a projectile by action of explosive. For the purpose of this subdivision the length of
the barrel on a shotgun or rifle shall be determined by measuring the distance between
the muzzle and the face of the bolt, breech, or breechlock when closed and when the
shotgun or rifle is cocked; the overall length of a weapon made from a shotgun or rifle is
the distance between the extreme ends of the weapon measured along a line parallel to
the center line of the bore. Firearm does not include an antique firearm.
● At least 3 Lawsuits have already started
● Albany and Town of Colonie pistol permits are down and are not doing anything with
permits until decisions are made
● Saratoga still processing until September
● They are still pushing licensing for long guns, the language about shotguns was
removed, only semi automatic long rifles. Unsure if the license will be separate or
attached to handgun permit.
● Training companies are working with attorneys for curriculum approved by DCJS-one of
the lawsuits is because so many people are NRA certified and it wouldn’t be recognized
● Criteria they are looking for the club already has, won’t shut this club down
● From Judge Murphy: Saratoga is carrying on status quo and working on their own
curriculum so they don’t have to wait for the state.
● Some outside companies who used to ship ammo and parts to NY have already stopped
● If new laws are passed, there will only be one type of pistol permit, no basic and
advance and the class will go from 4 hours to mandatory 16 hours and 2 hours live fire,
could get costly likely $450-$500 class
● Has been deemed unconstitutional to restrict license
● If you have had your license 1963 and prior, it will be mandatory to take the new class
● One document that has been made available to the public 42 pages front and back
dealing with everything going on. If you want to read it, the most important parts are the
weapons and licensing. Extraordinary Session #1, Legislative Bill Drafting Commission
12053-04-2, already has 2 amendments, but those are not public yet.
● The governor wants to apply the same rules that have already been enforced in NYC.
Gov reasoning is that is works downstate so it should work upstate, but we have more
licenses upstate than downstate
● Some new stuff on the license application will include:
○ Who is living in your home
○ References
○ 3 years of your social media and the people living in your home
● Talking about a renewable license asking the same information as above
● These new laws will apply to any long guns bought September or after
● It has been talked about in Safe Act possible mandatory firearm insurance, that’s not
● The possibility of an ammo license-not there yet, but would need a certificate of “buying
and keeping” ammo
● Impossible to ammo check because it is not serialized, this is why microstamping is
being discussed. NYS police are pushing back
● Licensing restricted areas
○ Automatic class E felony if caught
○ HR218-will accept from NY only, will not accept from LEO from any other state
○ Adirondack park-huge controversy, the park is ok but not the sensitive areas
within it. Sensitive areas are:
■ Any location owned or under control by govt
■ Any location providing health, behavioral health, chemical dependence
care or services
■ Places of worship or religious observation
■ Library
■ Playgrounds
■ Park
■ Zoo
■ Nursey school, preschools
■ Summer camp
■ Ofc people w/ developmental disabilities
■ Ofc addiction serv and support
■ Ocf mental help
■ Ofc temporary and disability assistance
■ Homeless shelter, family shelters, domestic violence shelter
■ College, Universities, public school
■ Private school
■ Educational instit
■ Public transportation and transit facilities (subway, bus, train)
■ bars/restaurants serving alcohol (liquor)
■ Theater, stadiums, racetracks, amusement parks, perf venues, concert
halls, exhibit halls, conference center, banquet halls, gaming facilities
■ Polling places
■ Sidewalks and other areas restricted from general public access for a
limited time/special event
■ Gatherings of people to collectively express their constitutional rights to
assemble or protest
■ Times Square
○ Hunting on state land: not going away, but DEC is getting more involved
● Criminal possession in a restricted location: the person possesses a firearm rifle or
shotguns and enters into or remains on or in private property when the person knows the
owner has not given permission to be on the property-Must now be illustrated that it is ok
to be in/on that property
● Travel law map USCCA-Title 18 protected for traveling with firearms
● Body armor/vest not allowed to be purchased if this is passed
● The state says they are trying to close the loopholes
● The current laws didn’t work so we need new ones
● If you currently have a restricted permit, you can still apply to have them lifted
● If you are denied the restrictions being lifted, you can now appeal the decision
● Tazers and stun guns are now allowed to be carried by citizens in NYS
● Pepper spray and other defense spray is also ok, but if you spray someone you must
“render aid” to the victim
● Another meeting in August to go over the newest information released, Date TBD.

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