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Permit courses 

New York State, now requires an 18-hour total classroom and range time. Updated info coming soon

Upcoming dates 

Cowboys/Wild Bunch

We are a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club hosted by the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club, 706 Geyser Rd., Ballston Spa, NY. We are affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).    For more info visit Circle K Regulators 

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We are a member of Capitaland Bowhunters 3-D. This will bring people to our club from all over the Capital District.
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We hold ATA event Please be sure your ATA dues are current. If not we will have renewal forms available. Also, you will need to sign our insurance waiver so you can participate if you haven’t done so already for this year.
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Action Pistol
Are considered by many to be “Old School Run and Gun” style which employ many parts of various handgun shooting disciplines with elements of Practical Pistol, IPSC, USPSA and, IDPA. Action Pistol is its own entity in the sport of pistol shooting  However, Action Pistol utilizes many of the safety protocols, Course of Fire (COF) designs, techniques, and target types as other shooting disciplines.
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 Winter Steel – Fast paced steel shoot.  Bring your revolvers, pistols and rifles/carbines chambered in pistol calibers.  You’re welcome to bring multiple guns, 
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Gallery Fun Shoot
Want to spend an hour or two shooting your favorite handguns, chatting with others who share your interests, picking up tips, advice, and assistance from seasoned shooters, in a stress-free, non-competitive environment - all while having a great time with a great bunch of fun people? Gallery Fun Shoots” for hand-gunners, designed to interest the new shooter, the experienced shooter, and all skill levels in between.

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Hunter and Trapper Safety and Responsibility

The Hunter Education Program teaches future hunters and trappers how to be safe, responsible, and ethical. After successful completion of the required homework and in-person course(s), students will receive a certificate of qualification necessary for purchasing a first-time hunting or trapping license or bowhunting privilege. 


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Firearm Training

KFG Training Instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA).KFG teaches the most proven, real-world techniques, delivered in the most efficient manner, by a select group of firearms trainers. Whether you just purchased your first firearm and need basic gun training, or have handled guns for years and want to train up to the master level, KFG has the curriculum and instructors to bring out the most, and best, in you. 

For the Training, schedule click here

Just some of the stuff we do here. Membership is not needed to participate in these functions

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