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  Claybuster 2021 Shotgun Event


June 25/26 2021 Friday/Saturday – June 27 2021  Sunday Rain Date


Time: 9:00 AM Sharp each day


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Building On Love charity, a 501c3 organization dedicated to assisting families after their medical stay due to a life-threatening illness or disease.


Four (4) Shotgun Disciplines-  

American Skeet – 1 round 25 targets

16 yard singles Trap – 1 round 25 targets

Mad Jack – 1 round 25 targets

5 Stand Sporting Clays. – 1 round 25 targets


For those not familiar with Mad Jack;

Mad Jack: A single trap located on the left side of a trap or skeet field is used. The shooter then begins shooting at Skeet position #1 until he/she hits the target. Once all the shooters break the bird on that station, they move to Skeet position # 2 and so on. Completing station 8, the remaining shooters start around the field again.  The winner is determined by the greatest number of stands/stations completed without a miss.  Course of fire is 25 rounds. When you are out of shells you are out.  Choke recommendations modified or tighter. This is one of the most challenging clay target games.  A 50% score on this game is a great score. The highest score shot on this field is a 20 and can count on one hand the scores over 15 on this field.



Fees:  Each discipline is $15. $50 for all four. Only those who participate in all four (4) disciplines are eligible to compete for the Overall Champion award.


Awards: Each discipline winner will be awarded a custom embroidered hat. The High Overall winner will also be awarded a custom embroidered hat.

Friday will be a practice day.  If you have not shot Mad Jack before,  I highly recommend getting in a round or two.  Sat. and Sun. all scores shot are for record.


Range Rules;


  1. ALL firearms are to be open and empty at all times except when you are actually ready to shoot.  If your feet are moving, the action is open and gun empty.

  2. On skeet and 5 stand 2 rounds may be loaded just prior to the shooters turn to shoot.  Single target on 5 stand may be shot at twice.

  3. Guns must be cleared of loaded and empty shells BEFORE stepping off the shooting stand/station.

  4. 2 malfunctions per round per shooter.  Either gun or ammo malfunction or shooter malfunction.  Forgot safety, wrong barrel, didn’t see the target, etc. Subsequent malfunction targets shall be scored as ‘lost’.

  5. Machine broken targets will be repeated.

  6. Competitors and visitors alike are REQUIRED to wear safety glasses and hearing protection.

  7. No unnecessary talking around the competition areas especially the Five Stand building. Trappers need to hear instructions from shooters.

  8. Changing choke tubes after competition/game starts is not allowed.

  9. No coaching shooter  once that shooter is on the shooting stand.

  10. Tie scores in each discipline will be shot off or by long run.



  1. REPORT PAIR: When a malfunction occurs on a REPORT PAIR the first target will be marked “DEAD or LOST” and will be established.  The REPORT Pair will then be repeated to establish the second target for score; the first target MUST be fired at even though established.


  1. FOLLOWING PAIR: A malfunction during a FOLLOWING PAIR results in NO target being established and the entire FOLLOWING PAIR must be repeated.


  1. TRUE PAIR:  A malfunction during a TRUE PAIR results in NO target being established for score, the TRUE PAIR must be repeated.  These rule applies to skeet as well as 5 stand.






         Claybusters 2021- June 25/27/27 2021 9 AM










Shooters you wish to be paired with:_______________________



Shoot Fees: Trap $15_______  Skeet $15_________


Mad Jack $15________Five Stand $15_________


All Four Events $50___________


Total Enclosed $__________


Make checks payable to : Kayaderosserass Fish and Game Club


In Memo section of check: Claybusters 2021


Mail check to: Kayaderosserass Fish and Game Club Inc.

                       PO Box 30

                       Ballston Spa NY 12866


Inquires: 518-587-3327

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