​​​​​Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club Inc.

Our Membership allowance typically fills up quickly, but you can get on the waiting list by going to the Contact Page
Form and selecting add me to waiting list.  Openings usually occur after our renewal process ends in February and
we begin contacting those on the list in March through July.  Do not mail anything to us, just complete the online form.

There are application forms available on this site, but please wait until you are contacted to attend a meeting.  All paper
work is provided at that time.

Since January 2013, KFGC has had an initiation Fee of $50.  This fee is in addition to the Membership Fee, and the new gate

card for entry.  Any unrenewed memberships will be subject to this Fee after the January 31st, deadline for

Membership Renewal Dues.
Please Note:
A Dues invoice is mailed out  after the December Trustees meeting, no dues can be paid at Club membership

meeting, they must be mailed to the P.O. Box listed on invoice.

Membership renewal cards are usually mailed during March.  If you have not received yours, please
come to the next meeting or send a request through the contact page.

 Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm

 Gate code changed in February of each year.  

     2020 Membership Fees:

        initiation FEE $50.00      Gate card fee $10.00ea.                               

Individual-                    New $105.00 yr.

Family-                         New $135.00 yr..   Family Membership is spouse and children 17 and under living in the home 

     Junior membership ages 12 thru 17th birthday $25.00 yr.  At 18 you will be required to

join as a regular member.

If you do not have a valid Membership card, do not come to the Club to use the Ranges, because you will be asked to leave .

Kayadeross Fish & Game Club is not responsible for lost, redirected, or damaged mail.

 It is your responsibility:   1) If you did not get a renewal invoice, to come to a meeting and get it resolved.
   2) If you loose your card, to come to the club to notify and make arrangements for replacement card.
   3) If you mailed your renewal and did not get your new Membership card, to come to a meeting to resolve the matter.

   4) If you moved, to come to a meeting to notify us and allow us to update your records.

Membership Application
 Please download and print these pdf documents and bring to the next club meeting
 The club application must be filled out induplicate, so print 2 copies.
 The conditions of membership need only be printed once but all members must sign the document.

Please download and print this form 2 times:   Application.pdf

 Please download and print this form once:   Conditions of membership.pdf

 Please read this form completely:   Instructions for release of liability.pdf 

Please download and print this form once:   Release of liability.pdf

. Do this only if you have been contacted by someone on the membership committee.

​We have decided to raise are membership cap so for limed number of membership will be accepted for are 2020 membership take advantage of this limited seat membership by clicking on the link below. Join now and not have to renew until Dec 2020. One these seats are filled you will be automatic placed on are membership waiting list. Once club renewals are over if there is any opening we will contact people from that list to fill them