​​Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club Inc.

Things are advancing the Pistol / chicken coop remodel is complete. Now time to reassemble the target frame hangers and few other things.

The chicken coop range is back opened

 The  Rebuilding of the 50 and 100 yard range has begun. 
But are still closed

Over shot work is all complete the firing line cover roof is complete just got some work on the target placement set up..  We are working hard to try and have the 50 / 100 yard ranges open before hunting season. 

The over shoot on the 100yard range is all down but the last section of support beams and uprights.  This is taking a little longer then we had hope due to the amount of work that’s involved and the lack of workers to help.

The berm work along the back of the trap fields and the cowboy stations is moving right along and should be done shortly.


They have started hauling fill into the 200yard range area so to start construction of the berm for that area.

Again if your available to help please contact Greg for work times and days.

 Remember everyone a club is much like a chain it’s as strong as it weakest link and we the members are the links so please come out get involved and let’s make this club the strongest chain known to man. .

Club property closed for all genral range use from Sept 10 to the 17th . Due to the state wide Rukus shoot