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Calling all Handgun Shooters...

Feeling cooped-up after a long, tedious winter, bunky? Want to spend an hour or two shooting your favorite handguns, chatting with others who share your interests, picking up tips, advice and assistance from seasoned shooters, in a stress-free, non-competitive environment - all while having a great time with a great bunch of fun people?

Search no more!

This spring we started a new season of “Gallery and Fun Shoots” for hand-gunners, designed to interest the new shooter, the experienced shooter, and all skill levels in between.

Leadville Lanes It has been a long winter thinking up new and interesting games and targets – some competitive, and some just for plinking.

Some of the shooting stages include silhouettes, bowling pins, clays, balloons and other reactive targets and games designed to be fun and challenging for all skill levels.

Where: The Kayderosseras Fish and Game Club

When: See below for quick calendar date or check the main calendar of events

Time: Begins at 5:00 PM weather permitting.

Who: For shooters of all abilities and skill levels
Guests are always welcome! and the event is open to the public.
Stages are available for rim-fire and center-fire revolvers and semi-autos of all calibers

How much: $5 for an evening of fun. BYOA
(Bring your own ammo. We supply the targets)

Contact: For more info, contact Bob Bidwell @  Cell; 518-709-7477         E-mail; hawkeye53bob@yahoo.com   

Make plans to meet us there and have a great time. We look forward to seeing you!!

Basic rules and guidelines:

Handguns only, revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, 45 caliber or less.

Rimfire - lead and plated bullets are permitted,  centerfire - LEAD BULLETS ONLY,

No jacketed ammo allowed for any caliber.

Shooters can load no more than 10 rounds in their magazines.

Safety Essentials:


Shooters will remain outside the fenced area with unloaded handguns cased or holstered until called to the staging (on-deck) area by the Range Officer.

All handguns will remain in cases or holsters or carried to the shooting position unloaded, with slides back; cylinders or loading gates open. Magazines may be loaded in the staging area.

The designated Range Officer's (RO) authority over the shooting venue is total and absolute.

Quick calendar Dates:

The dates for 2019 . April 22, May 13 & 27, June 10 & 24, July 8 & 22, August 12, &2 6 September 9 & 30

October 14 & 28  with the final shoot October 28, 2019

All shoots weather permitting and shooting starts at 5:00pm (we can accommodate anyone arriving as late as